Les notes musicals I (sol, mi, la, do)

Notes SOL – MI


The So Mi Challenge (#Visual Musical Minds)


So Mi Echo Patterns with Vocals (#Mrs. Schoenbeck’s Music Room)

Sol-Mi Sing-a-long/Boomwhacker Play-a-long (Elementary Music) (#Dana Kay)

Imposters sol mi (#Mrs. Schoenbeck’s Music Room)


Solfege Four Corners – So, Mi (Colored Note Heads) (#Beason Music Resources)




Do Mi Sol Funky Jam (#Kristen Rhodes)




The Do Re Mi So Challenge (#Visual Musical Minds)


Daily Practice 1: Scales and Triads (#The Singing School)


Notes Sol-Mi-LA


Llegim les notes musicals: Sol Mi La (#musiqueret)


The So Mi La Challenge (#Visual Musical Minds)