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Welcome Erasmus Plus

Welcome everyone to Ramon Berenguer IV High School in Amposta!

Today’s session is divided in different parts. First of all you may make ten groups of two or three students. Each group should have a laptop with Internet connection.

Once the groups are done, each one will have a piece of paper with information. Take some minutes to read it and make sure you fully understand the text. Then, have a look at the next presentation. During the presentation, when it’s your turn, you will have to explain it to the rest of the class. Are you ready? There we go!

You can see the original presentation here.

Now it’s your time to make your own presentation. Think about something you have learned in this unit that has suprised you. It could be something about the Universe, the Solar System or the Earth. What has impressed you the most? What would you like to learn more about? (one of the planets, distances or sizes, space trips, possibillity of life…) Talk about it with the members of the group and decide what you want to present. Write a comment in this website with the members of the group and the subject of your presentation (hurry up! You can’t repeat items!).

Now you can begin. Every member of the group must collaborate and, once you have finished, link it to this website using a new comment and share it with all of us, in no more than five minutes. You can use this Prezi as a template. Good work!

Click here to use it as a template.

Finally, we can find ideas to support our impressions about space exploration. What do you think about it? Discuss your opinions in groups and then we can make a debate. Reading this can be helpful (it’s long but worth reading it!).

Conferència: Descobrir l’Univers

El proper dimarts dia 17 de novembre, dins del programa d’activitats per la Setmana de la Ciència, Àngela Talarn Zaragoza, física que està realitzant el doctorat a l’Observatori de l’Ebre, ens oferirà la conferència Descobrir l’Univers. Des del Big Bang fins l’actualitat. Un viatge de la llum i la matèria. Serà a les 10:30h al saló d’actes, i està oberta a les famílies i públic en general, així que esperem la vostra assistència!

Podeu consultar el programa complet de la Setmana de la Ciència a l’Institut Ramon Berenguer IV d’Amposta fent clic aquí.