Christmas are about to come and today we are going to do some activities to know more about this festivity. Here you have some activities you can do to wish Merry Christmas to anyone you want to. Choose one and send it to your teacher. You can also use it with your friends:

tree WRITE YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS STORY: Fill in the blanks to help write your own Christmas story starring you!
santa MERRY CHRISTMAS IN 123 LANGUAGES: Like to wish your friend living in a non-English speaking country? You can copy the language you want, and then click here to send it with your greeting card to your teacher and friends
snow CHRISTMAS PARTY: Select your favourite animated Christmas party characters and decorations. Select a tab, like characters and click the decorations you want to add to your room. It’s a wonderful little Xmas games, to create your own scene to email to your teacher and friends or save to your computer.
santa2 ANIMATED CHRISTMAS STORY: Create your own animated story and share it with your teacher and friends. You can do it at goanimate. You can even participate in the Christmas contest and win a Nintendo DS and more!

And now it’s time to have some fun with these Christmas games. Try to play them all.


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