In Unit 2 you are going to deal with:

1 BATX – UNIT 2 “The Perfect Day”


  • Past Simple
  • Past Continuous
  • Present Perfect Simple


  • Gerunds and infinitives
  • Common noun suffixess


  • Main idea in paragraphs


  • Discribing a person


  • Word order
  • A description of a person

First of all we are going to practice with the PAST SIMPLE, the PAST CONTINUOUS and the PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE. Remember you have to know the list of irregular verbs you have in your book (pages 138 and 139). In the following links you will find exercises to practice them:

Describing a person is one of the topics of this unit. Click the pictures of this three famous people and you will find their biographies. Fill in the blanks to complete them.


  • Read Teen Date Ideas: Dinner and a Movie? and 25 things to do on a first date and write a composition (150 words) explaining to your teacher you ideal date. Then write an e-mail to mario.itaca@gmail.com with the composition attached. The subject of your e-mail must be “My ideal date”.
  • Continue practising with the past simple, the past continuous and the present perfect in the links you have above. If you have any problems with these verb tenses, ask your teachers for help

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