Let’s start practicing with unit 3 in your book “Have you heard?”. The objectives of this unit are:

  • Discuss the attraction of gossip
  • Guess the meanings of words from context
  • verb + preposition
  • used to / would / be used to / get used to
  • Contrast present perfect simple and past simple (talk about the past)
  • Time words and connectors of sequence
  • Write a biography

First of all we’re going to deal with the present perfect simple and the past simple. We’ve already dealt with the form and use of these verb tenses, and now we are going to have a look at some time expresions and adverbs we use with these tenses: yet, already, just, for, since, ago.

Study carefully the following mind maps and do the exercises you have after them (open the exercises in a different window so you can look at the diagrams while you are doing the exercises).

If you want to download a mind map with all the information about present perfect and adverbs click on PRESENT PERFECT AND ADVERBS.


Now, do you want to know more about gossip and rumours? Go to It’s my life and read all the information you have about this topic. It will be helpful for you to enlarge your vocabulary about this topic. There are no exercises, you only have to read the information in the website, and look up the words you don’t understand in an on-line dictionary or translator. You can also vote in and take the How do most rumors get started? and take the Raging Rumours Quiz.


  • Finish all the exercises you haven’t done on the present perfect simple and the simple past.
  • Open the main menu in “Top Marks 3 – Student’s Activity Multirom” and do all the exercises in Grammar: present perfect simple; Vocabulary: adjectives and prepositions, verbs and prepositions; Listening: Chocolate… facts and myth. Then fill in the chart homework 3 with your scores and send it to mario.itaca@gmail.com before your next class.


A continuació teniu enllaços a exercicis que us serviran per estudiar per l’exàmen de l’unitat 3:

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