• Relative pronouns
  • Adverbs: possibility
  • Present continuous
  • Comparing present tenses


  • Personality adjectives
  • Adjectives: -ed / -ing


  • First impressions
  • It drives me crazy
  • Self-portrait
  • Skill focus: Taking notes


  • Talking about feelings
  • Describing your personality
  • Sentence stress


  • Describing a “life picture”
  • Language point: Time connectors


  • Identity
  • Identifying people
  • Hilary Duff: Wake up

This week we are going to practice the contents in UNIT 1 – THE REAL ME. First of all we are going to practice the vocabulary of this unit, the PERSONALITY ADJECTIVES. Here you have a list of personality adjectives with their translation into Spanish, in case you need to have a look at it. Now do all the exercises from the following links:

Now you are ready to do a dictation of 16 personality adjectives. Listen to this audio posticon for podpress. You are going to listen to a song with 16 adjectives that describe a person’s personality or behaviour. Play the whole song all the way through (1:12), and try to write all 16 adjectives. The singer repeats the adjectives several times. It is not necessary to write the adjectives in the correct order.

There are also other kinds of adjectives in this unit: ADJECTIVES -ED / -ING. Have a look at the following explanation and do the exercises you have after it.



Cause of the feeling or emotion – The present participle serves as an adjective formed from an active verb.

Receiver of the feeling or emotion – The past participle serves as an adjective formed from the passive form of the verb.

The clown was entertaining the family.  (active verb)

The family was entertained by the clown.  (passive verb)

The clown was entertaining.  (present participial adjective )

The family was entertained.  (past participial adjective )

RELATIVE PRONOUNS are one of the grammar topics in Unit 1. Remember pronouns relate to the person (WHO), object or idea (WHICH) or place (WHERE) you are referring to. You can also use THAT instead of WHO and WHICH. Now do the The Dolphin Game to practise them.

You have an explanation on the PRESENT CONTINUOUS at the grammar bank 1 of your workbook (page 92). But we are going to do some more practice at The Present Continuous Guy. Read the notes on the form and use of this verb tense and you’ll be ready to do all the exercises (form, use and contrast).

Finally here you have the video Wake up by Hilary Duff we are going to listen in class. If you want to know more about this singer you can have a look at the Hillary Duff Official Website.


  • Do the Wordsearch and send a list of all the personality adjectives you have here to cristina.itaca@gmail.com. Write “adjectives” in the subject of your message. You can also do the Crossword to practice for unit 1 exam.
  • Write a description of your life picture. Look at the model text in page 15 of your book. You have to include 3 paragraphs and if you want to a photo. Send it to cristina.itaca@gmail.com and write “life picture” in the subject of your message.
    • paragraph 1 (colours and personality)
    • paragraph 2 (photo and activities)
    • paragraph 3 (other people, places and interests)
  • Do all the exercises from the PRACTICE-UNIT 1 from the “English Alive! MultiROM 3”. Then fill inthe multirom chart with your scores and send it as an attached file to cristina.itaca@gmail.com. Write “unit 1” in the subject of your message.

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