Water use

Hello Class 3! Here you have some of the pictures taken today in the science lesson. Class 3 pupils spent one week counting the number of times they flushed the toilet, had a bath or shower, used the washing machine/dishwasher, washed their hands and washed the dishes. Today, we’ve been counting how many litres of water did they used during that week.

What can we do?

Hello Class 5! Here you have the pictures taken today in the Science lesson. You did a great job matching the pictures to the sentences and ordering the words.

Prepositions game

Hello Class 4! Have a look at the pictures taken while you were playing the prepositions game. You did a great job!


Hello Class 6! Watch this video about the story of chocolate.

Water properties

Hello Class 3! Watch this video about water and its properties.


Hello Class 3 and Class 4! Can you help Froggy find the hidden spider? Click on the image below to start the game.  


Verb to be

Hello Class 5 and Class 6! Here you have a new activity to practise the verb to be. Click on the image below to start the game.

Counting germs

Hello Class 3! Help Lola count the germs in her mouth. Click on the image below to start playing. Have fun!



Hello Class 4! Where’s the dog? Click on the image below to play a memory game about prepositions.


Cones & Cylinders

Hello Children! Monica taught class 6 what cones and cylinders are. She showed them a power presentation. Then they played a game in small groups. Finally, they hade to draw, cut and glue their own cones and cylinders. Have a look at the pictures.

Thank you for this fantastic lesson Monica!