Show and tell – Your pets

Hello children! Carla M. (Class 3) and Dani M. (Class 4) brought their pet to school. They have two hamsters called “Boleta” and “Rocky”. Class 3 has described “Boleta”.

It’s name is “Boleta”.
It’s small.
It has got whiskers.
It has got two black eyes.
It has got a small tail. It has got two teeth.
It has got four legs.
It eats sunflower seeds.

The Beauty and the Beast – Part 8 –

Let’s measure!

Hello children! Class 6 is studying the topic about measurement and today they’ve been measuring the football field with different objects. Have a look at the pictures.



          Trundle whell                                                      metric tape                                                      their feet

Beauty and the Beast – Part 7 –

True / False – Animals –

Hello class 3! Do you remember the names of the animals? Read the sentences and decide which ones are true and which ones are false. Click on the picture to start the game.


Crossword – The city

Hello class 4! You have learned the names of different places in a city: hospital, museum, library, … Click on the image below to do a crossword with these words.

The Missing Letter

Hello class 3! Here you have a new game about missing letters. You have to write the correct letter to complete the word. Type capital (majúscules) letters.



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Food chains

Can I have …?