Can you …?

Class 3 students have learned the names of different sports and they have asked each other which of them they can and can’t do. Watch the fantastic videos!


Hi kids! Class 5 is studying everything about adventure sports with Anna and Gemma. Watch the video!


Hello Class 5! Practise words for sports with this game. Read the clues. Can you guess the words before the monkey gets squashed?

Click on the image to start


Hello Class 5! Click on the image to do some activities related to sports vocabulary. Hope you like them!


What do they want to play?

Hello Class 6! Listen and match the name of each children to the sport they want to play.

Sports game

Hello class 3! Click on the image below to play a game about sports. Have fun!


Sports – Listening

Hello class 5 and class 6! Can you identify the correct sports? Click on the picture below to start the activity.


Our English friends – Sports and activities

Hello class 5 and class 6! Click on the image below to learn more about the names of your favourite sports and activities.