More irregular verbs!

Hello class 6! Do you remeber we have a test on irregular verbs on Friday? Well, if you want to practise more and have fun at the same time, click on the picture below to play a game! I hope you like it!


How do we measure things?

Hello class 6! Watch this video about how people measure things. Do you use a different method to measure distances, weight or liquids?


Meet Water-Wally!

Hello class 3! Do you remember how to save water? Well, watch these two videos about a raindrop named Water-Wally who will show you how to save water.


Hello class 6! Read the sentence and then choose the correct form of the verb. Send me a comment with the number of correct answers you got.

Example: I got (7 seven) correct answers.


Jobs – What people do video

Hello class 6! Watch this video about jobs and learn new ways of asking about what people do.