Like + verb-ing

Class 6 here you have some activities and games to practise the grammar topic of this unit. Write a comment with your opinion!

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Exercise 1 : Put the words in order

Exercise 2 : Choose the correct answer

Exercise 3: Complete the gaps with the correct word

Exercise 4 : Choose the correct answer

Exercise 5 : likes and dislikes writing activity

Circulatory system


Countable and Uncountable nouns – a/an/some/any

Hello Class 6!

Here you have a new video for you to learn about countable and uncountable nouns.


Game 1 – Countable and uncountable rally

Game 2 – Board game

Game 3 – Some/any moonshot

Fill in the gaps

The Blank – Some and any


The circulatory system

Hello Class 6! Here you have a video and some activities for you to learn and practice about the circulatory system.


Game 1

Game 2


Label the circulatory system


There is / There are

Hello Class 6! Here you have some activities for you to practise when to use there is and there are. First watch the video and then do the different exercises.


Exercise 1

Exercise 2 

Exercise 3

Exercise 4


More comparatives and superlatives

Hello class 6! Here you have some online exercises for you to practise how to write comparative and superlative sentences.

But first, watch this video to revise the grammar.


Exercise 1 (fill in the gaps)

Exercise 2 (fill in the gaps)

Exercise 3 (comparing people)

Exercise 4 (comparing friends)

Exercise 5 (comparing animals)

Respiratory system games

Here you have some activities for you to revise the vocabulary about the respiratory system.


Comparatives and Superlatives


Click on the image to start the activity

Comparatives and superlatives

Hello Class 6!

Do you want to practise using comparatives and superlatives in English?

Click on the image below to play some grammar games and have fun while you learn.

Where does electricity come from?

Hi Class 6!

Watch these three videos to learn more about electricity.