“We are the planets” – Song

What time is it? – Song

Personal pronouns song

Hi Class 6! Here you have a funny song for you to learn the personal pronouns.

Song – Class 3

Hello kids! Watch this video of Class 3 students singing and dancing a famous song.

One Direction – Kiss You

Hello Class 6! Here you have a new song to practise your listening skills.

Remember to leaver a comment with your score.

“My score is _______.”

Click on the image to start

5 Little Ducks

Hello! P4 students are learning the song “5 Little Ducks“.

Shops song

Hello! Class 4 is studying the names of different shops. Listen to them singing “The Shops song”!

Little Red Riding Hood

Hello children! Today, Class 1 pupils have watched the story of Little Red Riding Hood. They have sang the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and thay have played “Fishing Memory” to review body parts.

The Beatles

Hello kids! See if you can listen to this song by The Beatles and fill in the gaps.

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The Animals Sounds Song

Hello kids! Listen to this funny song and learn the sounds that the animals make in English!