Theatre in English

Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 went to see a theatre play in English called “Time Travellers”.


Class 4 has played the “Treasure hunt” game. Watch this fantastic video!

When’s your birthday?

Class 4 students practise the months and the ordinal numbers with this activity about birthdays.

Research on a planet

Hi! Class 4 students are learning new facts about the planets. Have a look at the photos!

When’s your birthday?

“We are the planets” – Song

Where’s Squigly? – Ordinal numbers

Hello Class 4! Squigly is hiding in one of the apples. Click on the ordinal number that tells the order of Squigly’s apple.

Click on the image to start

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The Solar System

The teacher student Imma gave a lesson on the Solar System to Class 4 students. Thank you Imma!

When is your birthday?

Class 4 has been asking each other about their birthdays. Watch the video!

What time is it?

Hello! Class 4 is learning how to tell the time in English. They have been practising it while playing a game. Have a look at the pictures and watch the video.