Cones & Cylinders

Hello Children! Monica taught class 6 what cones and cylinders are. She showed them a power presentation. Then they played a game in small groups. Finally, they hade to draw, cut and glue their own cones and cylinders. Have a look at the pictures.

Thank you for this fantastic lesson Monica!



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4 responses to “Cones & Cylinders”

20 05 2010
Marc Ribas (14:31:03) :

You put this very fast!!!

20 05 2010
ignasi (16:28:43) :

very well very easi

20 05 2010
saqib (17:36:52) :

this is well done**

21 05 2010
Ainhoa Perez (20:43:55) :

I like the claass fOR Monica.It’s a great techer!

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