Know the planets – Quiz

Hello Class 4! See if you can match the question card with the answer card. Have fun!


Hello Class 5! Rainforests are amazing places full of beautiful animals, birds and plants. How much do you know about rainforests? Click on the image below to start the quiz. Send a comment with your results.

World flags quiz

Hello Class 6 and Class 5! Try your hand at this world flags quiz game to see how many flags you recognise!


Multiple Choice Quiz – To be

Hello Class 5 and Class 6! Here you have a new game to continue practising the verb to be. Click on the image below to start the activity. Have fun!

Twilight quiz

Hello class 5 and class 6! How much do you know about the “Twilight Saga“? Well, click on the picture below to do the quiz. What was your score? Mine was 9/10. Pretty good!!

Planets quiz

Hello class 4!

Try this quiz about the planets and let me know how many correct answers you get. Have fun!