The way we celebrate Christmas – by Class 6

Hello children! Watch this fantastic video about Christmas by Class 6.


Christmas stockings

Hi there! Have a look at the cute stockings that Class 6 made!

Christmas crackers

Hi! Class 5 has made Christmas crackers. These are very famous in England. People pull the crackers on Christmas day after having lunch. In the cracker, there’s a paper crown, a joke and a small present. You can try making your own crackers. Have a look at the pictures and the video! Have fun!


Christmas stocking

Hello! Class 6 has made a Christmas stocking! They had a lot of fun sewing the stockings and decorating them. Have a look at the pictures.

Whose present?

Santa and Amy have a bag full of presents, but who are they for? Help Santa and Amy deliver the children’s presents in time for Christmas.

The “Caganer”

Hello children! As you know, the “Caganer” is a special character in the Catalan Nativity Scene. Have a look at this video and choose your favourite!

Christmas cards

Hello Children! Class 6 sent each other a Christmas card. I got mine today. Thank you Aqsa! Did you all get yours?

Evil Elves

Hello kids! The Evil Elves have stolen Santa’s Christmas presents and hidden them in their Terrible Toy Shop! Help Santa save Christmas by finding all of the presents for the good little girls and boys.


Christmas Solitaire

Hello children! Play this Christmas Solitaire game and see if you can beat my score of 7650 points!


Twas the night before Christmas

Hello kids! A classic Christmas poem written by Clement Clarke Moore. It is now the tradition in many American families to read the poem every Christmas Eve. Now, you can watch a video while listening to the poem.