Theatre in English

Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6 went to see a theatre play in English called “Time Travellers”.

Trip to Imax

Hello! Class 6 students went to Imax yesterday. They saw a film in English about the human body. They also interviewed many tourists from all over the world. They did a great job! Have a look at the photos.

Research on a planet

Hi! Class 4 students are learning new facts about the planets. Have a look at the photos!


Class 5 has been studying the different prepositions. They have played a pair game to practise them.

The Solar System

The teacher student Imma gave a lesson on the Solar System to Class 4 students. Thank you Imma!

Voices project

Class 6 has been working on the Voices project. They are making three posters about their waking up times, their breakfast and what time they go to school. Have a look at the photos!

Climate and Weather

Class 5 has learned the difference between Climate and Weather. They have been drawing pictures about it.

Measurement workshop

Class 6 is studying the units of measurement and the instruments to measure distances people can use.

Earth Day

Last 22nd of April class 5 celebrated Earth Day. They had an interesting discussion about all the everyday actions they do to take care of our planet. They made nice presentations. Watch the photos!

Meeting our friends from around Europe