Where does electricity come from?

Hi Class 6!

Watch these three videos to learn more about electricity.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


A day in my life – last videos

Hi children! Here you have the last videos that class 6 students have recorded for the European project “A day in my life”.


Class 4 has played the “Treasure hunt” game. Watch this fantastic video!

When’s your birthday?

Class 4 students practise the months and the ordinal numbers with this activity about birthdays.

We meet our friends from the USA

The Human Body – Film trailer

When’s your birthday?


Class 5 has been studying the different prepositions. They have played a pair game to practise them.

Can you …?

Class 3 students have learned the names of different sports and they have asked each other which of them they can and can’t do. Watch the fantastic videos!

Happy Saint George’s Day