What’s the time?

Hello children! Click on the image below to start an activity about telling the time. Have fun!


Multiple Choice Quiz – To be

Hello Class 5 and Class 6! Here you have a new game to continue practising the verb to be. Click on the image below to start the activity. Have fun!

Pets Poll results

Hello children! Thank you very much to all of you who have voted. Well, here you have the results! And there is a new poll about your favourite subject!


Mental Maths

Hello Class 5!  Click on the image below to start the maths game. Have fun!


Do you like spiders?

Guinness World Records: Most Spiders on the Body

Hello children! Watch Tom Buchanan, known as Spider Boy, hang out in a box with spiders crawling all over him for more than 30 seconds!


Weather Word Search

Hello Class 5! Do you know your weather vocabulary? Try to find all the words from the word bank in this puzzle. Have fun!


Maths with Monica

Hello Class 6! Look at the pictures taken today during the Maths lesson with Monica. Thank you very much for these fantastic and funny activities.

What time is it? Game

Hello Class 3! Look at the pictures taken today while you were playing the game about telling the time. You all did a great job!

What time is it?

Hello Class 3! This game is for you to practise telling the time. Remember this:

What time is it?

It’s seven o’clock —-> 7:00
It’s half past seven —-> 7:30


Mental Maths

Hello class 5! Did you enjoyed today’s mental maths lesson? I hope so! You all did a great job playing the crossword pair game. Look at the pictures!