Climate and Weather

Class 5 has learned the difference between Climate and Weather. They have been drawing pictures about it.

Our pen friends from Romania

Hello! Today some Class 5 students met their Romanian pen friends through a Skype connexion. Watch the videos!

Our Hungarian penfriends

Hello! Have a look at these photos of Class 6 Hungarian penpals. They received the craft Class 6 students made for Earth day and the leaflets about ways to reduce CO2 emissions.
The Hungarian students have recorded an interesting video!

The Footprint game

Hello kids! We all leave a footprint on our world. Let’s find out how big or small is your footprint.

Click on the image to start

Drawings from Romania

Hi! Class 5 students received some drawings about climate change and two magazines from the students in Romania. Have a look at the photos!

Pen friends from Romania

Hello! Class 5 students are exchanging materials about Climate change with other students from Romania. Today we received their letters, drawings and magazines. We are so happy! Have a look at the photos.

Carbon footprint leaflets

Hello kids! Class 6 students have finally finished the Carbon footprint leaflets for their penpals in Hungary! Have a look at the photos.

Carbon footprint

Hello! Today Class 6 students have been calculating the carbon footprint of their Hungarian penfriends. Have a look at the pictures!

Letters from Hungary

Hello! Class 6 students have received the letters of introduction written by their Hungarian penfriends. They have also sent us some drawings about climate change.

Eco Picture Diaries

Hello! Class 5 and Class 6 students are studying the differences between the weather and the climate and why the climate is changing. They have made some drawings about this. Have a look at the photos!