Food chant


Hello Class 3! Here you have some games to revise food vocabulary and food groups.

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Food vocabulary

Hi Class 3! Watch this video with some vocabulary food.

Egg shells experiment

Hello children! Class 3 has done an experiment today. This is part of the Food unit they are working on.
They have 3 jars with:

A. Egg and water
B. Egg and vinegar
C. Egg and coke

What do you think will happen with the eggs? Have a look at the pictures!

Healthy habits

Hello kids! Who is healthier, Sarah or George?

Healthy habits
by: thehillschool

Planning For Good Eating

We make a menu

Hi kids! Class 3 is studying the topic of nutrition. They have made a balanced menu. Have a look at the pictures!

We make a salad

Hello children! Class 6 made a salad with lettuce, radishes and endive from the school’s vegetable garden. They added carrots, olives and sweet corn. Mmmmm! Delicious!


Hello Children! Look at the picture – can you spell the word? Burst the right balloons when they go past!

Lily talks about food

Lily is answering five questions in this video.

•What do you have for breakfast?
•Do you have school dinners or a packed lunch?
•What is your favourite food?
•What is your least favourite food?
•Do you like cooking?

Listen to her answers.