Poll results

Hello children! Thank you very much to all of you who have voted their favourite colour. Well, here you have the results! And there is a new poll about pets!

yellow: 3
red: 13
orange: 16
blue: 11
green: 1
pink: 1
purple: 5
brown: 1
grey: 2
black: 4
white: 0




Twilight saga – Breaking Dawn movie update

Hello children! Those of you who like the Twilight saga may know that the fourth part of the story will soon be shooted. But did you know that they are thinking about making 3 movies? Watch the video with all the information.

More verb to be!

Hello class 5! Remember that next Friday we have en English test and you will have to answer some questions about the verb to be. Well, click on the image below to start revising this verb.


Sports – Listening

Hello class 5 and class 6! Can you identify the correct sports? Click on the picture below to start the activity.