What is an ecosystem?

Hello children! Watch this video about ecosystems and answer the questions. Let’s see if you remember what you learned during the Science lessons!

What do they want to play?

Hello Class 6! Listen and match the name of each children to the sport they want to play.

Have a great summer!

Hello children! Today it was the last day of school. Enjoy your summer holidays and see you next September!


Where’s the …?

Espases, Espases, Espases Rap

Seasaw Weight Logic Game

Hello children! Click on the heaviest object.


Mouse Trap

Hello children! Use the pillars to capture and trap the mouse. Click on a space to raise a pillar. The less pillars you use, the higher the score.


Playing with water

Hello children! Look at the pictures taken today while you were playing with water.

What time is it?

Hello children! Class 3 has learned how to tell the time. Watch the video and find out!