The Solar System

Hello! Class 4 students have studied the different planets. Watch these two videos about Venus and Neptune.

The Footprint game

Hello kids! We all leave a footprint on our world. Let’s find out how big or small is your footprint.

Click on the image to start

More Science videos

Hi there! You have the videos of class 5 students talking about different habitats.

Science Oral presentations

Hello Class 5! Watch the videos with your Science oral presentations and write a comment explaining how you felt.

Science 3rd – Water cycle

Hello kids! Class 3 pupils are studying the water cycle. Last Friday, they made an activity with Anna about this topic.

What is climate change?

Habitats posters

Hello! Class 5 students have started working on their posters about habitats. Have a look at the pictures!

Water properties

Hello! Class 3 has dicovered and tested some of the water properties. Have a look at the photos!

Build a habitat

Hello Class 5! Let’s see if you can build a proper habitat with animals, plants and weather conditions.

Click on the image to play

Habitats game

Hi again! Class 5 is studying the names of the different habitats. They have played a memory game. They had to match the photo of the habitat with its definition. It was fun! Have a look at the pictures!