Prepositions of place

Hello Class 5! Here you have a new game for you to practise the prepositions of place.

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Class 5 has been studying the different prepositions. They have played a pair game to practise them.

On – In – Under song

Prepositions of place

Hello Class 3! Tidy up your room! Drag and drop each object into the right place. A fun game to practise prepositions of place (‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under’, ‘next to’, ‘over’) and general vocabulary (bedroom, furniture…).

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On – In – Under

Hi Class 3! Watch this video to revise the prepositions of place.

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Where’s the …?

Prepositions game

Hello Class 4! Have a look at the pictures taken while you were playing the prepositions game. You did a great job!


Hello Class 4! Where’s the dog? Click on the image below to play a memory game about prepositions.


Dr Seuss

Hello class 4 and class 5! Here you have a funny game to study prepositions. Click on the “Fox in Socks” image to start the game. Have fun!

    The apple is on the box.            The cat is in the box.