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Comparatives and superlatives

Hello Class 6!

Do you want to practise using comparatives and superlatives in English?

Click on the image below to play some grammar games and have fun while you learn.

A trip to London

Hello Class 6!

A set of games about the city of Lonfon and its monuments.



A short video on How to understand the difference between the UK and Great Britain.

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Like + verb-ing

Hello Class 6!

Here you have some activities to practise the grammar of unit 1.

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

Activity 4

Activity 5

Geographic features

Hello Class 6 students! Here you have an activity to practise unit 2 vocabulary.

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Electronic gadgets

Hobbies and free time activities

Prepositions of place

Hello Class 5! Here you have a new game for you to practise the prepositions of place.

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Interpreting graphs

Hi Class 6! This activity is for you to:

  • read bar graphs, pie charts and grid charts
  • review percentages in pie charts
  • compare types of information shown in different kinds of charts

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Where’s Squigly? – Ordinal numbers

Hello Class 4! Squigly is hiding in one of the apples. Click on the ordinal number that tells the order of Squigly’s apple.

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