Space School Musical – Planetary Posse

Hello Class 4! Watch this video about the different planets of the Solar System. Isn’t it funny?

Report on a planet

Hi childen! How are you doing? Today, Class 4 has been writing a report on a planet. They had to answer a list of questions with the help of fact cards. Next week, they will write a full text with their answers. Have a look at the pictures!

Practise measuring angles

Hello Class 6! Practise lining up and reading a protractor while you measure a set of angles in this fun learning activity. Click on the image to start!

Yogi Bear – Movie Trailer

February’s poll

Hello children! Thanks again to all the people who voted for his/her favourite singer!
Here you have the results:

Total votes: 52


Class 6 measures angles

Hello Children! Today Class 6 has been measuring angles during the Maths lesson. They have used a protractor to measure the angles of different triangles. Have a look at the pictures!

Animal Diet Game

Hello Class 5! Do you remember what herbivores, carnivores and omnivores eat? Play these game and test yourself! Click on the image to start playing.