Old MacDonald

Hello again Class 2! Listen to the song and then do the wordsearch. Have fun!



Farm animals

Hello Class 2! Do you remember the names of the farm animals?

Food groups

Hello Class 3! Learn how to eat healthy with this Food Groups game. Test your knowledge of nutrition by dragging the pictures of food to their proper food groups.


What’s your job?

Hello children! Have a look at this video and find out people’s job.

More Science Videos

Space School Musical: S-P-A-C-E

Hello Class 4! Meet Hannah and find out why she thinks space is a very cool thing!


Hello Class 6! Have you tried Wordshake? It’s a challenging game in which you have to find words in a random selection of letters. The longer the word, the more points you get.

What food is it?

Hello Class 3! Do you remember the names of the food we worked on today? Have a go and test yourself!




Labelling food

Hi children! Class 3 is working on food. Today, they had to match the word to the correct picture. Have a look at the pictures!


Hello children! Class 6 is working on geometry. They have learned how to classify triangles depending on the lenght of the sides and the angles. Have a look at the pictures!