Hi Class 6! The robots are ready to leave the factory but they need packing. Match the shapes and turn them to fit inside different shaped suitcases. Click on the image to start.


Function Machines

Hello Class 5! Play this powerful number problems program. It was created from spreadsheet formulae by year 4 students in Ambleside Primary School (UK). Click on the image to start.  


What’s my Angle?

Hello Class 6! Here you have a great way to learn how to use a protractor. There’s a tutorial on its use and random examples to practise. Click on the image to start.


Astro Adventure

Hello Class 4! Redshift Enterprises take you on a troublesome test drive of their Galactic Express shuttle. Investigate the Solar System as you save yourself from disaster… Click on the image to start


Rango – Film trailer

First Day at School

Hello Class 1! Tico and Boots are trying to get to school, but they don’t know how to get there. Their good friend Dora knows the way but she needs your help! Click on the image to start!