Interview a tourist

Hi children! On Tuesday, Class 6 went to Barcelona to watch the film “The Human Body”. They also interviewed a lot of tourists. Have a look at the pictures.

Thanks to all the people who helped us with this project!

Planets’ Quiz

Hi children! Today Class 4 has played a pairs game about the Solar System. Have a look at the pictures!


Hello Class 5 and Class 6! Do you remember the parts of the face? Try this activity to revise them and descriptions.

Click on the image to start

The Human Body


Hello Children! Look at the picture – can you spell the word? Burst the right balloons when they go past!

English activities 2

Hi Class 1 and Class 2! Here you have a jclic activity to revise colours, numbers, the weather and days of the week. Have fun!

English with Cheeky Monkey

Hello children! P4 loves Cheeky Monkey. This afternoon some pupils played with him on the Playmat.

They’re almost finished!

Good night children! The food chain posters that Class 5 are doing are almost finished and ready for the oral presentation! Well done!

Lin’s English Lesson

Hi Children! Lin taught Class 6 how to write a letter introducing themselves. The good thing is that letters are for Chinese Primary pupils. So soon Class 6 pupils will receive a letter from China! Thank you very much Lin!

Water Sense Game

Hello kids! It’s time to test your water sense and see if you are a water waster or not. Play this game and find out!

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