2nd Therm: Theory Ultimate




Ultimate is a fast-paced, non-contact field sport played for two teams 7X7, (beach ultimate its played 5X5). It’s suitable for players of all ages, and usually played in a co-ed (co-educational) format with players of all genders (unisex) on the same team.

The most unique aspect of ultimate is that it’s self-officiated, players make all calls themselves. No referee. 


Ultimate is often described as a mix of three sports: football, soccer, and basketball. The objective of the game is for one team to catch the disc in the opposing team’s end zone, much like football. Each score is worth 1 point. Games are usually played to 13 or 15 points or time based at 90 minutes. 

The person holding the disc is not allowed to run, but can pivot in place, like basketball. All other players can run, so the disc is moved by passing it back and forth from one player to another. This results in the disc moving forwards, sideways, and even backwards, similar to the way the ball is passed in a game of soccer.