What is a pie chart?

Hi Class 6! Here you have the definition of a pie chart. Read the information carefully.

Pie charts

Pie charts are circles divided into sections. Each section represents a fraction of the total amount.

Half the bikes sold were Mountain bikes, around a quarter of bikes sold were Outdoor bikes, around an eigth of bikes sold were Ranger bikes and around one eigth of bikes sold were Starburst bikes

This pie chart shows the 20 bikes sold at the bike shop. The segment for Mountain bikes is one half of the chart. This is because 10 Mountain bikes were sold, which is exactly half the number of bikes sold in total (20 bikes).

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks2bitesize/maths/data/frequency_diagrams/read1.shtml

Pie graphs

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What is she wearing today? by Rabia and Diego


Create a graph

Hi Class 6! Graphs and charts are great because they communicate information visually. For this reason, graphs are often used in newspapers, magazines and businesses around the world. Here you will find five different graphs and charts for you to consider.

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What is he wearing? by Rabia and Diego