Chinese penpals

Hello! Thanks to Lin, Class 6 will have chinese penpals! They have just discovered the names of the chinese girls and boys. Class 6 pupils will send them a Christmas card. Have a look at the pictures!

Christmas crackers

Hi! Class 5 has made Christmas crackers. These are very famous in England. People pull the crackers on Christmas day after having lunch. In the cracker, there’s a paper crown, a joke and a small present. You can try making your own crackers. Have a look at the pictures and the video! Have fun!


Christmas stocking

Hello! Class 6 has made a Christmas stocking! They had a lot of fun sewing the stockings and decorating them. Have a look at the pictures.

Poll 12

Hello kids! I see that you all love playing games in the English class! The least you like is writing. Have a look at the pie chart with all the results.

Whose present?

Santa and Amy have a bag full of presents, but who are they for? Help Santa and Amy deliver the children’s presents in time for Christmas.

Run Santa, Run!

It’s just before Christmas and Santa is getting fat! How can he take presents to all the children? He needs to get fit! Santa’s going for a run. Can you help him run through the winter wonderland? How far can he run before he hits Christmas surprises?