Transylmania II

Hi kids! Your castle has been invaded and you must clear out all of the pesky villagers by turning them into the walking dead!

Click on the image to start playing



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4 responses to “Transylmania II”

12 11 2011
jana corbinos (21:48:45) :

carolina es una mica dificil a l´hora de volar i aixo e arribat al nivell 2 nomes

17 11 2011
Adrian (16:44:52) :

carolina the game is very well game iasy finish 2 nivell
my escore is 4 nivell

9 02 2012
adnan (16:43:55) :

Hello carolina the is very dificult and is very beautifulll

9 02 2012
AbelCordobés (16:44:37) :

It is a very entertaining game.

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