Hello Class 5! Let’s see if you can solve these sudoku puzzles!

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Alpha Pig Bingo

Hi Class 3! Click on the letters you listen to discover the picture.

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How many words can you make?

Hello class 5 and class 6! “8 letters in a word” is a game where you have to create as many words as possible from the selection of eight letters given to you on-screen.

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Alphabet antics

Hello Class 3! Help the monkey escape the snake. When the monkey says a letter click on the matching coconut to help him climb the tree.

To play this game, click on the image.

Drawing habitats

Hi kids! Class 5 is working on the topic of “Habitats around the world”. Have a look at the pictures taken while they were drawing their own habitat.

Static electricity

Hello kids! Class 6 is working on electricity. They have learned what static electricity is by experimenting. Have a look at the pictures!