Happy thanks giving

Hello Class 6! Today is “Thanks giving”, but what are you thankful for? Leave a comment!


Hi Class 5! How many different countries’ flags do you know? Here are eight flags and eight countries. Can you match the flags with the countries?

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This week’s word is …

Hello children! Have you seen the new noticeboard in the school’s hall? Have you read this week’s word?

This week’s word is … Play the game to find out and write a comment with the word.

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Colour the flag

Hello Class 5! Listen and read then colour the flag.

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English speaking countries

Hi Class 5! Can you put the country names in the right places? This game is from Cambridge University Press.

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There was an old lady who swallowed

Money maze

Hello Class 5! Have you ever visited the UK? Money comes in pounds and pence. Practise listening for numbers with the money maze.

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Making a bar graph

Hello children! Class 4 has made a bar graph showing the number of litres that each pupil has used in one week. Have a look at the pictures!

P4 goes to the computer room

Hello children! Yesterday, P4 pupils went to the computer room. They were playing a computer game about Cheeky Monkey. They all had a great time. We love you Cheeky!

Mental maths

Hello Class 5! You’ll need all your mental maths skills to escape with the bio-rods in this exciting Mission 2110 game.

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