Write about you – Class 5

Hello children! Read class 5 pupils’ descriptions about them!

If you’re happy and you know it

How do you spell…? Game

Hi children! Class 5 is playing spelling games for revision. Watch the video and find out!

Class 6 makes a bar chart

Hi kids! Class 6 is working on bar charts and today they have made one. They have used pencils, rulers and graph paper. They have done a great job! Have a look at the pictures.

Celebrating International Peace Day

Hello kids! Class 5 and Class 6 have joined a project called “Pinwheels for Peace” in order to celebrate the Intenational Peace Day. First, we thought about words related to peace. Then, we wrote some of these words on our pinwheels and decorated them. Finally, we all had a great time making the pinwheels spin! Have a look at the pictures!


Hello kids! Class 4 has started working on plants. Have a look at the pictures!

Working on electricity with Class 6

Hello kids! Class 6 started working on Electricity last Friday. Have a look at the pictures!

Why is Tuesday 13th unlucky in some countries and Friday 13th unlucky in others?

Hi kids! Do you know the answer to that question? No? Well, here you have it!

Friday is considered unlucky because Jesus was crucified on Friday, but in  Greece and the Spanish-speaking world, Tuesday is considered the unluckiest day  of the week because the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople on a Tuesday (May  29, 1453).




1st day of school song

This is the way we go to school