Happy Halloween!

Halloween Concert





Halloween activities

Favourite football player

Hello kids! It seems that without doubt, your favourite football player is Lionel Messi. Have a look at the results and thank you for voting!

Eco posters

Hello! These are the some of the eco posters you have created. They are well design and show are clear idea of the importance of being green and respectful with the environment. These posters will be shown to teachers of other countries next week!


Hi kids! Today Class 6 has made electrical circuits. Then, they have tested some materials to see if they are conductors or not. Have a look at the pictures!

Transylmania II

Hi kids! Your castle has been invaded and you must clear out all of the pesky villagers by turning them into the walking dead!

Click on the image to start playing

This is Halloween

Hello kids! Listen to the song “This is Halloween” and watch the video from the film “Nightmare before Christmas“.


Mr Potato head


Mr Potato Head Colouring book

Hello children! Click on the image to start colouring Mr Potato!