Experimenting with plants

Hello children! Class 4 is studying the world of plants. This week they have planted broadbeans because they want to learn what is it that plants need to grow. Have a look at the pictures.



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15 10 2010
kamal (14:08:32) :

I like thi´s programe

15 10 2010
kamal (14:21:54) :

This fotograf is exellent

19 10 2010
marysol (21:11:31) :

OH¡¡¡¡ Que macos són els meus nens¿ Semblen anfelets del cel a les fotos… però no sempre són tan angelets. Dessitjo que us sortin moltes fabes. a veure si podrem fer un dinar

19 10 2010
marysol (21:14:56) :

Good morning.Congratulations

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