Animals in their habitats

Hello Class 5! Watch this video about different animals in their habitats. Do you like it?

Astro Boy – Film trailer

Habitats poster

Hello Class 5! Today you have all done a great job during the Science lesson. Congratulations! Most of you have finished writing the text comparing two habitats and have started the poster. Have a look at the pictures.

Interpret Bar Graphs

Hello Class 6! Here you have another activity to help you learn how to interpret a bar graph.


Hello Cheeky Monkey! – Video

Hello Cheeky Monkey!

Class P4 has started learning English. They have met Cheeky Monkey and they love it!


Static Electricity

Hello Class 6! You have learned new things about static electricity experimenting. I hope you had a great time doing the different activities with the balloons, paper and sugar. Have a look at the pictures.

Lake Mathatobi

Hello Class 5! Do you like fishing? Do you like addition games? Yes? Then this is a game for you! Click on the image to start playing. Have fun!


A lesson on using bar graphs

Hello Class 6! Here you have another activity to revise what a bar graph is. Click on the image to start.

Plants we eat

Hello Class 4! Today we have revised the different parts of a plant. Then, you have labelled some food items. Finally, you decided which part of each plant we eat. You all did a great job. Congratulations!