The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – Trailer

Animal Safari

Hello Class 5! Try this game to check if you have learned the names od the different animals. Have fun!


Present Simple

Hello Class 6! Here you have more exercises to practise the use of present simple.


When’s your birthday?

Hello children! Thank you very much for your votes. Here you have the results.


Water Quiz

Hello Class 3! Have you learned a lot of new things about water? Test yourself!


Thanks giving

Hello Class 6! Click on the turkey to play a funny game about thanks giving.

Present Simple- Third Person

Hello Class 6! Click on the image below to start an activity about the verbs in the present simple. Send a comment with your score. Good luck!

Gator’s Smash ‘Em

Hello Class 5! Gator’s Smash ‘Em! is a fun spelling game that helps you to recognise words as well as exercise your reading and vocabulary skills. Click on the misspelled words to trigger the big green alligator.



Hello Class 6! Click on the image below to do an activity about pictographs. Have fun creating them!