Can I have …?

Hello children! Here you have a new “Can I have …?” video. This time the actresses are Alba and Imane.

Letters from Hungary

Hello! Class 6 students have received the letters of introduction written by their Hungarian penfriends. They have also sent us some drawings about climate change.

Hello Cheeky

Hello! Watch two children in P4 say hello to their classmates with Cheeky Monkey puppet.

Puzzle me words

Hello kids! Snap in letters to spell the word for the picture you see.

Click on the image to start

Science 3rd – Water cycle

Hello kids! Class 3 pupils are studying the water cycle. Last Friday, they made an activity with Anna about this topic.

My family – Jeremi

My Family

Hello! Class 1 is studying the family members. Watch Alba telling you about her family!

Can I have …, please?

My Family

Hi! Class 1 pupils are studying the family members. We are recording videos of the pupils describing their families.


Hi kids! Class 5 is studying everything about adventure sports with Anna and Gemma. Watch the video!