Solar System Mobile

Hello Children! Class 4 pupils have studied the Solar System. The have made a mobile about the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. Have a look at the photos!

The Clothing song

Teddy dresser

Hello P4 pupils! Teddy is wearing some crazy clothes! What is the craziest outfit you can think of for Teddy?

Click on the image tostart

Dress Cheeky

Hello! P4 students are learning the names of some winter clothes. Have a look at these pictures of the pupils dressing Cheeky!


Trip to Imax

Hello! Class 5 and Class 6 went to Imax – Port Vell last Friday. They watched a film about the animals that live under the sea. After the film, Class 6 students interviewed some tourists and Class 5 students went to the beach. Have a look at the photos.

Carbon footprint leaflets

Hello! Class 6 students have calculated the carbon footprint of their Hungarian penfriends. They are making leaflets with the results. We will send the leaflets to the Hungarian students soon.

Deep Sea – Imax

Hello Class 5 and Class 6! We are going on a school trip to Imax Port Vell next Friday 15th. We are going to watch a 3D film about the animals that live under the sea. Watch these videos to get started!

A Primary school in the UK

Hello children! Have a look at these photos that I took while I was in a Primary School in The UK.

Dripping tap experiment

Hello children! Class 3 carried out an experiment to calculate the quantity of water that is wasted when we leave a tap dripping. Have a look at the photos!

How many litres do you think are wasted?

My Family – Vocabulary game

Hello Class 4! Here you have a new game to revise the names of the family members.

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