Maths games

Hi kids! Today Class 5 students have played different Maths games. They have played board games and card games. They have played some activities with ipad and nintendo DS. Have a look at the photos!

Water – Games

Hi Class 3! Here you have some games to revise the water topic we have been studying in the Science lessons.

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Memory game – Colours

Hello Class 1! Revise the colours with this memory game.

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Learn numbers

Hi kids! Here you have a game to learn and revise numbers.

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Climate change video

Hello kids! What is climate change? Watch the video and see if you can find the answer.

Can I have …?

Hello children! Class 1 has studied the classroom objects and how to ask for them.

The Water Cycle

Hello! Class 3 is studying the water cycle. They have played a cards game to learn the different phases of the water cycle. Have a look at the photos.

Numbers word search

Hello Class 4! See if you can find all the numbers in the word search!

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Hello! Have a look at some of the postcards made by Class 6 students.

The Water cycle

Hello Class 3! This animation shows one molecule of water completing the hydrologic cycle.

Water cycle: Label game

Water cycle: vocabulary game