Climate change video

Hello kids! What is climate change? Watch the video and see if you can find the answer.



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6 responses to “Climate change video”

28 01 2013
mario (16:46:50) :

the planet has to recycle if it costs so much because the planet does not plow much heat and will not melt the poles should all buy electric cars or people or cycling or walking and not leave the heating on

28 01 2013
vanessa (16:52:49) :

the world do not care if this happened

28 01 2013
camila (16:54:16) :

aixomatic that we traffiking make a better wordl :recycle,ect… Boce and not throw trash on any of place.

28 01 2013
Laura Rodriguez (17:08:05) :

Hellow Carolina <3
This video is right, the land needs to improve regardless, with the help of green cars, factories ecological, etc.. Everything would be better .. because if we do not recycle at the end PUM earth explode and we'll all die! I'm sorry if exaggerated :S


28 01 2013
carla navas (17:26:14) :

Hellooooo i like the video 🙂

28 01 2013
asly (17:26:31) :


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