Posters and Postcards

Hello kids! Class 6 has looked at some posters made by students from schools in Hungary and Romania. They have also made some postcards with images about climate changing and about everyday actions that we can make to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. We’ll send these postcards to the students from Hungary. Have a look at the photos.



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5 responses to “Posters and Postcards”

21 01 2013
jana (16:27:02) :

I could only see the sign but I would have liked to see the other things

21 01 2013
iman (16:30:47) :

I liked all but certain that the avia avia presentation of them were very nice

21 01 2013
Roudaina (16:36:23) :

I like the posters that have hungary 🙂

21 01 2013
Pau (16:46:36) :

I like the posters are very original

28 01 2013
Laura Rodriguez (17:11:25) :

This is a very original posters, the kids of hungary love recicling:’) hahahahaha
Like Posters and like Hungrary peoplee!!

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