Hello Class 2! Click on the image below to start a memory game to learn more school objects. Have fun!

Classroom objects

Hello Class 2! Do you know the names of the classroom objects?

It’s better to save water!

Hello Class 3! Watch this video and check how important it is to save water.

What part of the plant do we eat?

Hello Class 4! We eat a lot of vegetables like lettuce, cabbage or peas. Do you know which part of the plant are these? Click on the image to play a game and you’ll find out. Have fun!

Parts of a plant

Hello Class 4! Do you remember the names of the parts of a plant? Well, click on the image below and check your knowledge. Have fun!


Water properties

Hello Class 3! Today you have been experimenting with water. You have learned some facts about water.

Water is transparent.
Water doesn’t smell.
Water doesn’t taste.
We can find water in nature in three different states: liquid, solid and gas.

Have a look at the pictures!

Bar graphs

Hello Class 6! Do you want to learn more about bar graphs? Well, click on the image below and wach the video.



Hello Class 6! Click on the image to start a matching activity related to mains and batteries. Have fun!


Months of the year

Hello Class 5! Try to solve the wordsearch. You have to find the 12 months of the year. Have fun!

Add it up Math game

Hello Class 5! Are you up to the challenge? This is the perfect way to practice those math facts. Click on the image to start the game. Have fun!