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–         1 Lemon yogurt

–         1 Measure of sunflower oil

–         2 Measure of sugar.

–         3 Measure of flour.

–         3 Eggs.

–         1 Package of yeast.

–         Butter.

–         100 gr of nuts.


1-     Heat the oven to 180 degrees.

2-     Put the yogurt in a plate.

3-     Beat the eggs with the sugar and add the yeast, butter and oil. Mix all ingredients with the mixer.

4-     Add nuts.

5-     Put the butter in the mold and put in the mass.

6-     Put in the oven, 30 minutes.


Ingredients for 4 people persons


3 tomatoes

100g pine nuts

200g goat cheese

olive oil



Cut the lettuce,the tomatoes an the goat cheese.

Put on a try.

Put the pine nuts in the salad.

Dress the salad with olive oil and salt.

Burger and Chips

·1 Put the burger in frying-pan,

·2 Put the chips in fryng-pan,

·3 Late 10 m. take the burger

·4 Later 15 m. take the chips,

·5 Take the roll and put the burger,

·6 Finish put the  burger and chips in the plate


Recipes: Spaghetti and cheese

-tomato sauce
1.Boil spaghetti
2.To take casserole and put spaghetti in the casserole.
3.Put in the plate and add the spaghetti.
4.Add tomato sauce and cheese in the spaghetti.

Salamanca Hornazo

Ingredients for the dough (for about 6-8 people)

500 gr. flour
200 ml. water
100 ml. white wine
50 ml. olive oil
1 egg
25 gr. lard
25 gr. fresh yeast
5 gr. sugar (a teaspoon)
10 gr. salt (two teaspoons)
1/8 of teaspoon of yellow dye
Filling ingredients

300-400 gr. sausage
300-400 gr. fillets marinated pork (or bacon)
3 boiled eggs

First prepare the dough into two steps:

Mix in a bowl with a fork 300 gr. flour with 200 ml. of water, 100 ml. white wine, 25 gr. fresh yeast, the 5 gr. sugar and coloring. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand in refrigerator 2-3 hours.
Added to the mixture the remainder of the flour (200 gr.), 50 ml. olive oil, 25 g. of melted lard, one beaten egg, 10 gr. salt. Mix helping a fork and finish kneading by hand for several minutes. We put the dough in a bowl that we will cover with plastic wrap and let stand 1 to 2 hours in refrigerator.
Once the dough is ready when stretched and split it into two with one each roller until it with a thickness of about 3mm. Enough to cover a tray of about 30 × 40 cm.

We have the first layer on a baking sheet on it over the filling and the second layer of dough.

We closed up the rims, we spread the top layer surface with beaten egg and prick in several places with a fork to release air to cook and not be hollow inside.

We put the tray in a preheated oven at 200 ° C in the lower third of oven, heat up and down for about 30 minutes.

fried potato


-200 cl Oil
-2 Potato

Peel the potato
Cut the potato
Put the oil in pot
Put the potato in the pot
Recall the potato
Put de salt in the potatoes


Ingredients for one person:
– 1 egg.
– 7gm. salt.
– 6mg. oil.
1-Put the oil in the friging-pan.
2-Put the egg fraction in the friging-pan.
3-Put the salt on the egg.
4-Later 5 m. take the egg
and put on plate.


Ingredients for 4 people:

– 200 cc. of milk
– 2 eggs
– A pinch of salt
– 125 gr. flour
– 30 gr. butter
– 1 tablespoon sugar (for sweet crepes)


It beat the eggs and add the salt, and two batch, flour. Then add the milk and, if necessary, sugar, and stir until it becomes a very fine paste.

We need a good pan, greased with butter using a brush or a paper towel. Waking the fire while dropping a spoonful of the pancake, extends well swirling around it.

That’s it. Depends on the size of the pan and to trace them (better to be thin), they can go between 4 and 8. Just fill them with what they want: chocolate, cheese, ham…

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Ingredients for two:
225 g. Burgo de Arias Ingot
Tickets or wild mushrooms
Olive oil

To accompany:

Olive oil


Like a roll of flesh, cut boletus or mushrooms to your preference, in thin slices and place on the source or where you will be serving dish. Add pre-cut slices of Burgo de Arias Ingot above, and accompanies the dish with a touch of caviar with tomato and olive oil.
Ready to eat!