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English contest at the end of March

March is finishing and this is the score in this moment in your English Contest:

31st of March 2011

1.- Adrià: 37 points

2.- Joel Recio: 22 points

3.- Marina: 18 points

4.- Elena: 16 points

5.- Marc: 13 points

6.- Dani Fernández: 7 points

7.- Núria: 6 points

8.- Lydia, and Carla Trucharte: 5 points

9.- Ainhoa and Daniel Solano: 4 points

10.- Elif, Judith, David D., Ariadna, Xavi, Marta and Alba Muñoz: 2 points

11.- Pol, Ramon, Arnau, Jeremy and Júlia : 1 point

23 students have participated in this moment.

Let’s see what is going to happen in April, the next month. Good luck for everybody.

what animal is it ?

It is a wild animal.
It lives in Russia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Norway. It also across the polar area.
It moves swimming or ice chips.
It is carnivorous.
It is mammal, it lives between 25-30 years. Its body is between 2 and 2’5 meters. It weighs between 400 and 730 kilograms.
Its colour is white.
What animal is it?

what animal is it?

It is grey, has got two horns on his head, weighs a lot, has got a very thick skin and little legs make this animal can reach high speeds.
It eats boil, and drinks plenty of water.
It lives in Africa or Asia. This animal is in danger.
It is a wild animal. (What he) It likes to run.

what animal is it?

English contest 4: THE HORSE is finished.

Let’s see. The question was:

A horse was tied to a rope 15 metres long and the horses food was 5 metres away from the horse how did the horse reach the food.

The answer was: therope wasn’t tied to anything so he could reach the food.

Then these are the points: Adrià 7 points, Joel Recio 5 points, and Marc and Daniel Solano 1 point. Thank you.


El divendres passat vam anar a la Ribatallada va ser molt cansat allò de fer 12 km caminant vam veure de tot prats rius etc…… m’ho vaig passar molt be.

Ribatallada 2011

Aquestes són les meves fotos de les sortides. Si voleu podem afegir les que vau fer vosaltres. Estaria bé que algú escrigui quelcom sobre la sortida fent una mena de reportatge de la mateixa com si fos un periodista. També podeu escriure si us va agradar o no. Per dir això escriviu un comentari.

What animal is it??

It lives in houses
The color of this animal can be white, black, and brown

😀 I(L)Love this animal:-D
Some eat fish
But there are some who does not like fish
Its size depends on age if they are small in size will be small
If (your) its age is medium in size will be medium

She has got ears, tongue, tail, eyes, etc