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–         1 Lemon yogurt

–         1 Measure of sunflower oil

–         2 Measure of sugar.

–         3 Measure of flour.

–         3 Eggs.

–         1 Package of yeast.

–         Butter.

–         100 gr of nuts.


1-     Heat the oven to 180 degrees.

2-     Put the yogurt in a plate.

3-     Beat the eggs with the sugar and add the yeast, butter and oil. Mix all ingredients with the mixer.

4-     Add nuts.

5-     Put the butter in the mold and put in the mass.

6-     Put in the oven, 30 minutes.

The brothers Montgolfier

The brothers Montgolfier ( Jacques-Étienne and Joseph-Michel)

Joseph-Michel was born in France ( Annonay ) in 1740 and  he died in 1810.

Jacques-Étienne was born in France ( Serrières ) in 1745 and he died in 1799.

They were playing with a bag and casually  they discovered that hot air weighs less than cool air. After that,  they proved with larger bags and with silk bag.

The 14th of december in 1782, the brothers Montgolfier achieved launch a big silk bag rising until 250 mt. Also, they proved  with animals inside of  basket in the balloon.

The 21th of november in 1783 Pilâtre de Rozier and Marquis d’Arlandes did the first fly inside the balloon about of 100 mt over Paris during 25 minuts.

The name of the balloon was Mongolfiera like the name of their inventors

(The brothers Montgolfier)


Information from: “100 cosas sobre inventos”. Ed. Susaeta

Photo: Google imágenes


I want to be a doctor, because I want to heal people.

I want to visit Hawaii, because I like travelling.

I like P.E and naturals science.  subjects. Why ?

I like walking in the mountain.

Vincent van gogh

This is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh.
Its name is Harvest.
It is 125 years old.
Van Gogh was a Dutch artist.
He was bonrn and lived in Zundert ,30th of march 1853. He died on July 29th, 1890 in France
When he was young he liked to paint.
In this painting there are some houses, threes and harvest. There are also small mountains.
Van Gogh always used yellow in his paintings.

Dani Pedrosa


Dani Pedrosa is a motorcycle racer.

He is 26 years old.

When he was 20’s, he was proclamy won the world’s champion 3 times (in 2003 in the category of 125cc) and also in 2004 and 2005 (250 cc).

He likes video games.

His favourite movie is “The Last Samurai”.

His favourite colour is blue.

His favourite place is the beach.

He is short, 1,58 cm.

He usually wears sport clothes and helmet in races.



His thought: “No fear no one on the track”.

Description: who is he ?

He’s eleven years old.

He’s short and thin.

He’s got brown eyes and black short hair.

He wears barça’s t-shirt (red and blue) and red trousers and a orange trainers.

He lives near Sabadell, in Castellar.

He likes football and tennis.

He don’t likes maths and Spanish language.





It is in a France island with beaches and high mountains. It is the capital of the island. It is a small, beautiful and near of the beach. The population is about 64.432. The main language is french, but also they have a local language. The euro is the coin. There are museums and parks . There is an old cathedral. The city is famous because Napoleon Bonaparte born there. I was there when i was six years old.


What animal is it?

It is a carnivorous and mammal animal.
It lives in forests and moutains.
It may be different colours, black, white and grey depends on where it lives.
It Has got long ears, an elongated snout, a strong jaw and  long nails.
It Lives in packs and hunt in packs.
It looks like a domestic animal.
The most important is their way of communicating.
What animal is it?